IoT meets Earth Observation hack

Grab your free ticket for the upcoming FabSpace 2.0 challenge on (9.2.2018) and join our half-hackathon. The challenge will be all about creation of a low budget solution for flood prevention. The idea is to merge the raspberry pi platform with Earth Observation data from the copernicus program. The best solutions qualify for our FabSpace Bootcamp in May 2018.

Thanks to our sponsor you can win a Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit.

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The challenge

Flooding is a global problem on various different scales. The idea of the challenge is to design a low budget controller for barrages that can be used on-site. We're thinking of areas that are to small to be controlled by existing flood management tools and to big for manual or even no control.

During the hack you should make use out of earth observation data to calculate flooding conditions for a given area. You can use diferent data, like terrain, soil moisture, weather data, it is totally up to you. This should be combinded with an on site sensor steered by the Raspberry Pi platform. It is up to your creativity how you design the concept.

In some cases we need to simulate actions of the controller. For example if you want to lower or rise a berrier by a motor we have to use LED's to simulate the condition closed, half-open, open for example. Again it is up to your creativity what you can really show and what to simulate/assume for your solution.

The ultimate goal would be to develop a low cost flood managment solution that is able to control a barrage automatically steered by on-site sensors and a EO driven prediction model.

Get me started!

Let's get you started

The idea of the event is to get you prepared before the event starts. Therefore you spend only about 12 hours on-site together, so we'll call it a half-hackathon. The other 12 hours you should use to get you in position to be ready for work. Therefore you'll find some helpful instructions and good starting points about Earth Oberservation data, the raspberry pi platform and python programming down below on this site.

In additon to that you don't need to buy a Raspberry pi upfront. We'll merge you into groups and each group will have a platform to work with.

Your skill profile

You now may ask yourself what you might need to particpate, also in terms of skills. Our event is definied as a hackathon and should therefore produce some definied outcome (solutions). But never the less it is of course still a place to learn and just have fun. So if you have no idea of earth observation data, the raspberry pi platform and python programming it might be very hard for you. But you can compensate in investing more time in you preparation.

If you have some basic knowledge at least at one of the topics you're very much welcomed to our event. Because getting the technics done is one thing, having outstanding ideas the other. By building teams we try to compensate these aspects as much as possible. You will not work allone anyway. To sum it up, you should have some basic knowledge in the following flields.

  • Earth Observation data from Copernicus program or other
  • Raspberry Pi platform
  • Python programming language
  • basic electronic components understanding
Have a look on the agenda


To get you started we’ll offer you access to the FabSpace infrastructure upfront. Therefore, we have prepared some materials and and tools as a starting point, you can find down below. For our activity at 4th of October we designed this program for you. In addition you can use our ComBase platform to communicate with other users and experts to push your ideas and solution forward.


1st we have to start with building teams. You can also take part as an existing team. After that you can get in touch with each other and talk about your ideas.


After that you can draft your ideas and discuss. Once you made your decisions you're ready to start coding.

Coding & Testing

Based on your preparation and training you can now start coding your solution. Focus on what is possible. Better show something small that works than something big that doesn't.


We'll spend the last hour of the event for some 5 minute pitches in front of our jury. The best solutions will qualify for our Bootcamp and will win a FabSpace starter Kit.

After registration deadline (30.9.2017) you'll receive a detailed program via mail that gives you an overview about all neccessary aspects of the event. If you have questions in the meantime JUST ASK.

And yes, you heard nothing about costs yet. This is why the hack is for free!

Training material

Here is our unsorted but recommended list with links you should have a look to get you well prepared. Of course you're also welcome to share your experience with the others.

Behind the IoT meets Earth Observation Hack

This event is organized by FabSpace 2.0 in Darmstadt. To give some prices we're happy to have our sponsor exp GmbH on board. The best 3 solutions will win a rasberry pi starter kit. To find out more about all the stuff for Raspberry just go to their online store.



Sascha Heising

FabSpace 2.0

Md Bayzidul Islam

FabSpace 2.0



DATE: 9.2.2018

TIME: 8:30 - 20:00

LOCATION: TIZ Darmstadt, Robert-Bosch-Straße 7, Darmstadt

ORGANIZER: FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt

FORMAT: Hackathon


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